Cairns Holiday Accommodation Queensland

Don`t Give Up on your Tropical North Queensland Holidays!!
Well here we go into a brand new year; not sorry to see the end of 2011 with its gloomy outlook and prophecies of economic doom. But you know what they say about mud – if you have enough thrown at you some of it will stick. Similarly, if we listen to enough of these prophecies we start to believe them. But are we really all that badly off?
Once upon a time we had regular Queensland holidays, but we are told that we can no longer afford them. The AUD is strong, but that doesn’t make holidays in Australia any more expensive to Australians, only to visitors from other countries. It also reduces the cost for Australians travelling overseas, but not by a great deal and certainly not by enough to exclude Australian destinations from our holiday plans. We have such safe and wonderful places to visit in our own country, and cheap airfares to get us to them. Cains is on such destination with both a domestic and international airport it is easily accessible and is the gateway to a wonderful region with so much to offer.
People say you can`t drive there though because the price of fuel is so high – or is it? Let`s say you drive for a total 2000 kms for a holiday and use 200 litres of fuel to do it. (10 litres per 100 km is about average). If the fuel was $1.20 a litre for your last trip, and it’s $1.40 now, that would add only $40 to your holiday fuel costs. It`s a one-off cost, should never be the deal-breaker, and how much did the last 2 interest rate cuts save you anyway? Expensive fuel over say 12 months of course adds up to a hefty total, both directly and with the knock-on effects of higher transport costs. But we shouldn`t allow it to have so much influence on our holiday decisions.

Cairns Luxury Accommodation Suites

The Cairns region has a lot to offer tourists with people travelling from all over the world to see what we have here. For example, our own neighbourhood around Cairns includes the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation & Daintree River rainforest regions, the wonders of the Atherton Tablelands, the SkyRail and range of activities and tours to take full advantage of them. Cairns is the perfect holiday destination with something for everyone to experience….a great family holiday destination.
So it doesn`t cost all that much to get here and Cairns Accommodation at Mid City Luxury Suites Cairns is very affordable. Mid City Apartments offers comfortable 1 and 2 bedroom self-contained apartments and secure on-site parking is included in our tariffs. We are located in the Cairns CBD opposite the shoppoing centre so everything is only a stroll away, the perfect location for your next relaxing Tropical North Queensland Holiday.

We`d love to see you here at Mid City Luxury Apartments,  Cairns Accommodation…..just perfect for your next Queensland holiday.